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Rules of Etiquette

The Steering Committee has adopted the following Rules of Etiquette to insure a positive experience for every attendee at the annual conference. By registering for the conference you agree to abide by these rules.

Scope of Rules


1.1 The intent of these rules is to maintain the conference at a high Technical and Professional level and to prevent any conflicts with the Conference Program.

1.2 Vendor participation is encouraged and welcomed.  Their conduct shall be in Accordance with this intent.

General Rules

2.1   All Non-lime vendors are limited to two participants; however, if selected for a presentation or participation on a panel discussion can elect to bring a third participant.

2.2   Literature and products for distribution, demonstrations and /or discussions are permitted, provided they are consistent with the technical communication objectives of the conference. Efforts in these areas should be cleared in writing by the Dry Hydrate Users Group Organizing Committee before the conference.


3.1 Presentations by vendors are allowed but cannot be commercial in nature. Presentations must focus on the technical principals of the product or application and not be overtly promotional. 

Entertainment Rules

 4.1   Authorized vendor luncheons, cocktail parties or other group affairs shall be scheduled and controlled so as not to conflict with the official Conference Program or events.

 4.2   Inviting customers to dinner on a personal basis, i.e., small groups, is acceptable if scheduled after the end of conference events.  Organizing dinner parties or similar off-site excursions, which take large groups away from the conference, is not acceptable. Note that the Thursday evening cocktail hour is considered part of the Dry Hydrate Users Group conference and vendor events or dinner(s) should not conflict with this.

Rule Enforcement

 5.1 The Dry Hydrate Users Group organizing committee is responsible to ensure strict adherence to these rules.  Failure to comply may result in an ejection from current and future conferences.

 5.2   Any deviations from these rules must be approved in writing and agreed to by the Dry Hydrate Users Group organizing committee.

Dry Hydrate Users Group, 18863 Bears Paw Lane, Strongsville, Ohio (440)572-6007